The Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race in collaboration with Krik Krak presents BlakPak Critical Conversations. A series of sparkling international dialogues with leading thinkers from across the global African Diaspora2020 saw the world rise up enraged at the death of George Floyd and support the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’, but how much do Black Lives really matter in comparison to the lives of other ethnic and ‘racialised’ groups? How does the history of African descendants around the world impact our contemporary experience and what does the future hold for Black communities in different parts of the world? Professor Anthony Reddie, Dr Shelene Gomes, Dr Walter Fluker and Dr Nisrin Elamin will share their thoughts based on their detailed expertise. Please join us on the 27th February for State of the Race: A Critical Conversation.

27th February 7.30pm UK Time

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