Critical Conversation 2: The State of Black Health Across the African Diaspora

Critical Conversation 2: The State of Black Health Across the African Diaspora 24th April 7.30pm UK time

BlakPak Critical Conversations. A series of sparkling international dialogues with leading thinkers from across the global African Diaspora

About this Event

Racism: The Real Global Health Pandemic?

The word pandemic has become commonplace since the arrival of Covid-19. Before and during this current Covid-19 health crisis African descendants regardless of geographical location have been getting sick and dying at rates that are staggeringly disproportionate compared to white Euro descendant populations around the world. What accounts for this phenomenon? What is being done to address health disparities and inequities experienced by global majority Black communities? What is the relationship between race and health?

Join us as we bring together health specialists from the across the global African Diaspora to discuss this these critical questions.

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Dr Jenny Douglas, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion at the Open University.

Passionate about the health and wellbeing of black women. Dedicated 30 years of research into exploring how ‘race’, class and gender affect particular aspects of African – Caribbean women’s health.

Dr Monwabisi (Monwai) Gantsho, medical doctor based in South Africa .

Extensive experience in the healthcare industry, representing general practitioners and specialists in the South African Medical Association and lobbying government institutions and regulatory bodies.

Dr Thomas A. LaVeist, Dean of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Tulane University New Orleans, USA.

His research seeks to answer the question, why do African Americans live sicker and die younger than all other American ethnic groups?

Producer of, ‘The Skin You’re In’. Documentary exploring the astonishing African-American health disparity – why it exists and what can be done about it.

Betty-Ann Pilgrim Chief Nursing Officer of Trinidad & Tobago & Board Member of The Nursing Council of Trinidad & Tobago.

Dedicated to improving Leadership and the delivery of all levels of Nursing care within the republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Instigator and lead on the Eastern Caribbean Embracing Leadership Programme.