Ty-Juana Taylor, PhD

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    • Ty-Juana Taylor, PhD's details
      • Country: USA
      • Region: Los Angeles, CA
      • Studies: Ph.D. student of Ethnomusicology
      • University: University of California, Los Angeles
      • Email: tttayl02@ucla.edu
    • Ty-Juana Taylor, PhD's presentations
    I am currently a Ph.D. student of Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. I received my B.M. from the University of Louisville and M.A. at UCLA. My research interest is the music of the African diaspora, but I specifically study African American religious music and children’s music of West Africa. I am interested in the intersections between music and community construction, struggle, identity, and symbolism. In addition to studying ethnomusicology, I also play dizi (chinese flute) with Kunqu opera and practice West African dancing and drumming. 

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