Diepsloot: An “informal settlement” near Pretoria and Johannesburg

 “…was established in 1994, as a relocation area for informally settled households from Zevenfontein. In less than 20 years Diepsloot has grown into a bustling neighbourhood covering approximately 5 kmwith a population of more than 160,000. . . . There are an estimated 24,737 shacks alongside more than 5,000 formal housing units” (Johannesburg Development Agency, Diepsloot Ready for Development).


DiepslootHomes         DiepslootStation      DiepslootMall


TRRR conference delegates will engage in consultative dialogue with local faith leaders and community leaders in Diepsloot and will visit local schools and attend local Sunday worship services.

The Diepsloot immersion activities and consultative dialogue will be facilitated in conjunction with the “Voice and Voicelessness Project,” UNISA

Voice and Voicelessness Project, University of South Africa
The Voice and Voicelessness Project at the University of South Africa aims to explore a wide range of voices, to bring attention to the voicelessness of certain communities and to examine relevant social justice issues in Africa, Asia, South America and the African diaspora. One issue explored in this Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa partnership is policies on economic development in emerging countries, taking into account how the concerns of the marginalised will be addressed and how they will benefit from these partnerships. Another aim is to have scholars from Africa, the African diaspora, Asia and South America present research and critical perspectives on current issues, and to find the best possible way to influence government policies, policy implementation and curriculum design. The project leaders of the Voice and Voicelessness project are Professor Mokhele Madise from the Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology and Mr. Itumeleng Mothoagae from the Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies.

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