Violence Against Children in South Africa


Itumeleng Mothoagae, Voice and Voicelessness Project, University of South Africa
Cobus van Wyngaard, University of South Africa

If we do not speak, the rocks will cry out – On continuing violence against children and the vulnerable in society

Recent media reports about the mutilation, rape and brutal destruction of children’s bodies compel us to break our silence and to seek to stand where God stands, namely, against injustice and the denial of life for our children. We recognize that we, our society and Christian communities have become paralyzed by the scale of violence against children and the fact that places which should provide community protection and life have failed our children: homes, schools and communities have too often contributed to fear among children, parents and family. Read more

Poems by Maxine Bryant in response to Ghana slave sites 2013

[Poems by Maxine Bryant in response to the slave memorial site visits during the 2013 TRRR Ghana visit]

My Journey

My journey to Egypt transformed my theology.
My pilgrimage to Ghana transformed me!

My feet touched Mother Earth and carried me to the river
Where my ancestors had their last bath. – the thought made me shiver!
The fear that must have plagued their heart
Gripped my soul as on the soil I stood planted
Transcended for a moment – unable to depart
From the flood of memories – there I was granted
a gift from God who allowed me to bask in the presence
Of the sprints of my ancestors – a moment of reverence Read more

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