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Conference Schedule At-A-Glance

Thu-Sun, July 10-13:  Pre-Conference Program, Diepsloot, Atteridgeville, Soweto


Monday, July 14:

9:00 a.m.                     Introduction and Welcome (Prof. RothneyTshaka, Prof. Relebohile Moletsane, and Mr. Itumeleng Mothoagae, Host Conveners)

9:10                             Opening Remarks (Prof. Narend Baijnath, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Univ. of South Africa)

9:30                             Framing the Context (Prof. R. Drew Smith, Co-Convener)

9:45                             Plenary Panel #1: Bearing Witness to Social Marginalization and Neglect

11:15                           Tea Break

11:30                           Plenary Panel #2: Research Findings on Church Solidarities with the Urban Poor

1:00                             Lunch

1:45                             Concurrent Panels

3:15                             Break

3:30                             Plenary Panel #3: Black ‘Life’ Expectancy: Faith Responses to Social Violence and HIV/AIDS

5:00                             Adjourn afternoon session


Tuesday July 15:                                                                                                        

9:00 a.m.                     Recap and preliminary synopsis, (Dr. William Ackah, Co-Convener)

9:05                             Plenary Panel #4: Cross-Sector Collaborations, Conflicts, and Critiques in Response to Social Struggle

10:35                           Tea break

11:00                           Concurrent Panels

12:30                           Lunch

1:30                             Concurrent Panels

3:00                             Adjourn to evening off-site venue


5:00                             Dinner at City Methodist Mission (separate charge)

6:00                             Consultation on Urban Ministry—City Methodist Mission (separate charge)


Wednesday, July 16:

9:30 a.m.                     Recap and preliminary synopsis (Mr. Itumeleng Mothoagae, Co-Convener)

9:35                             Plenary Panel #5: Religious Traditions and Liberative Activist Paradigms

11:05                           Tea break

11:30                           Plenary Panel #6: Toward a Critical Christian Assessment of Political Leadership

1:00                             Lunch

2:00                             Plenary #7: Strategic Action Workgroups and Planning Session

3:30                             Break

3:45                             Final Overview and Challenge

4:30                             Adjourn


6:30                             Dinner at Moyo Restaurant, Pretoria (separate charge)


Panels and Panelists

Plenary Panel 1: Bearing Witness to Social Marginalization and Neglect

Professor Relebohile Moletsane, Univ. of  KwaZulu-Natal (rural women in KwaZulu-Natal)

Dr. Stephan De Beer, Univ. of Pretoria (urban poverty and marginalization of the poor in Pretoria)

Dr. Paul Leshota, National University of Lesotho (disabilities and HIV/AIDS in Lesotho)

Dr. Iva Carruthers, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference (incarceration and family/community impact)


Plenary Panel 2: Research Findings on Church Solidarities with the Urban Poor in South Africa

Data Overview and Pretoria Central project (Professor R. Drew Smith)

Voice &Voicelessness/TRRR Township Field Research Project (Mr. Itumeleng Mothoagae, Dr. Vuyani

Vellem, Dr. Magomme Masoga, Ms. Vuyelwa Mtimkulu, and Dr. Stephan de Beer)


Plenary Panel 3:  Black ‘Life’ Expectancy: Faith Responses to Social Violence and HIV/AIDS

Ms. Ndumie Funda, Luleki Sizwe, Cape Town (the problem of rape in South Africa)

Rev. Desmond Lesejane, Sonke Gender Justice Network (abuse of women in South Africa)

Ms. Lyn van Rooyen, Christian AIDS Bureau of Southern Africa (faith responses to HIV/AIDS)

Mr. Crispin Hemson, Intl. Centre on Nonviolence (on school and youth violence in South Africa)

Rev. Michael McBride, PICO National Network (gun violence and mass incarceration in the U.S.)


Plenary 4: Cross-Sector Collaborations, Conflicts, and Critiques in Response to Social Struggle

Dr. Raymond Kumalo, UKZN (church-state relations in South Africa)

Dr. Nico Horn, University of Namibia (human rights in Namibia)

Mr. Mervyn Abrahams, Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Soc. Action (cross-sector work, S. Af.)

Dr. William Ackah, University of London, Birkbeck (black migration, faith, and social engagement)


Plenary Panel 5: Religious Traditions and Liberative Activist Paradigms

Prof. Denise Ferreira da Silva, Univ. of London (faith and competing race, class, and gender claims)

Dr. Tracey Hucks, Haverford College (Yoruba activist frameworks)

Prof. MS Tshehla, UNISA (Basotho religious traditions and social activism)

Dr. Desmond van der Water, Council for World Mission, UK (post-colonial approaches to missions)

Dr. Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs, Hood College (M. L. King, Jr. and contemporary policy applications)


Plenary 6: Toward a Critical Christian Assessment of Political Leadership

Dr. Kudzai Biri, Univ. of Zimbabwe (religion and politics in Zimbabwe)

Dr. Forrest Harris, Vanderbilt University (King, Mandela, and transcontinental social justice)

Prof. Charles Brown, Payne Theo. Seminary (ethical measurements for uses of socio-political power)

Ms. Rachel Schneider, Rice University (white liberalism in South Africa)

Prof. Nico Koopman, Univ. of Stellenbosch (South African public theology)


Plenary 7: Strategic Action Dialogue and Workgroups


Concurrent Panels

Panel 1: Youth and Enduring Social Struggle

Mr. Akwasi Arko-Achemfuor, Univ. of South Africa (Pentecostal youth in South Africa)

Dr. Reggie Nel, Univ. of South Africa (youth resistance in South African townships)

Mr. Itumeleng Mothoagae, Univ. of South Africa (critique of violence against South African children)

Dr. Eva Shaw-Taylor, Institute Diaspora & Afr. Culture (U.S. gangs and church responses)


Panel 2: Religious Reassessment of Economic Inequality

Mr. Chris Jones, Univ. of Stellenbosch (economic inequality)

Dr. Mogomme Masoga, Univ. of South Africa (relative poverty)

Rev. Dumisane Methula, Univ. of South Africa (land mal-distribution)

Dr. Jannie Swart, Pittsburgh Theo. Seminary (slum housing and anti-poverty theologies)


Panel 3: Social Disparities, Religious Resources, and Mass Incarceration

Prof. Mokhele Madise, Univ. of South Africa (educational and economic disparities)

Prof. Leah Fitchue Payne Theo./Ms. Ebony Fitchue, Howard U., (educ. disparities and mass incarceration)

Prof. Ronald Peters, Presbyterian Church, USA (recidivism and religious intervention)

Mr. Taurean Webb, Northwestern U. (critical responses to mass incarceration)


Panel 4: Church Facilitation of Socialization, Religious Formation, and Empowerment

Ms. Sarah Farmer, Emory University (youth invisibility and art)

Dr. Donn Worgs, Towson University (black church-related schools)

Rev. Cari Jackson, Center of Spiritual Light (leadership formation and empowerment)

Rev. Daniel Chapman, Presbyterian Theo. Sem. (prosperity gospel empowerment claims)


Panel 5: Religious Aesthetical and Normative Social Resources

Dr. Joy Bostic, Case Western Reserve Univ. (black church arts and protest)

Dr. Dianne Diakite, Emory University (traditional African “mother” symbolism and social activism)

Mr. Baba Buntu, Univ. of South Africa (traditional religious anti-misogyny paradigms)

Ms. Rizwana Latha, Univ. of South Africa (African Muslim women writers)


Panel 6: Christian Paradigms of Reconciliation and Healing

Dr. Karen Crozier, Fresno Pacific Univ. (affirmative action as community healing)

Dr. Harold Lewis, Episcopal Church USA (Christian perspectives on HIV/AIDS)

Dr. Melinda Contreras-Byrd, Generations Center (psychotherapy, normativity, and socio-rel. affirmation)

Dr. Ekwutosi Offiong/Ms. Asibong Offiong, Univ. of Calabar (churches and health care in Nigeria)




Itumeleng Mothoagae

R. Drew Smith

Relebohile Moletsane

Rothney Tshaka

William Ackah


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